Signs It’s Time You Need to Arrange for a Home Care


You may be at a point where you are wondering if home care is suitable for a loved one. In this short article, we discuss basic signs that suggests it is time you make an arrangement to get a homecare for a Senior who needs specialized care.

Homecare is health care or supportive care provided by a professional caregiver in the individual home where the patient or client is living, as opposed to care provided in group accommodations like clinics or nursing home. Homecare is also known as domiciliary care, social care or in-home care. It comprises a range of activities, especially paramedical aid by nurses and assistance in daily living for ill, disabled or elderly people.

Elders usually want to connect with their environment, especially those who have fond memories of the place. It is therefore understandable when elders refuse to live in health facilities at their latter years. Some elders fancy convenience and comfort a lot, so going to live elsewhere is not even an option for them.

Home care has lots of advantages. If you’re considering a support for your senior, you might want to look into some of the advantages and benefits of home care. While some find it easy to bring their seniors to live with them, others are incapacitated as a result of distance or other reasons best known to them. The best option to consider when your senior refuse to live in a health facility is home care and here is why:

The first and most important benefit of in-home care is the comfortability that seniors get to enjoy. Since they are in a familiar environment, it is quite easy to do things with much comfort. The same bathroom they’ve always used can be accessed. More importantly, they’re not deprived of their favorite spot in the house. They have access to photo frames of their loved ones. All these comforts cannot be enjoyed in a facility away from home.

The fact that they can have the full attention of their carer is another important benefit of in-home care. All attention is paid to them. The kind of care they receive is personalized and centered. Their needs are attended to faster compared to a residential facility.

They can also enjoy Independence as a result of home care. At home there is little to no need to be worried about tight schedules. They have the freedom to keep track of their own life and they’re not confined to a spot almost indefinitely.

Other benefits of home care include faster recovery rate, limited fear of infection etc.

There are quite a number of health challenges seniors face during their latter years. While some recover quickly and continue with their lives, it is not the case for many others. Many seniors may want to reject the idea of home care. This could be because they think their freedom is being stolen away from them. Even though they reject the idea of home care, there are certain signs you see in your seniors that should compel you to consider home care for their own safety.

The points below will help you know when to arrange in-home care for your senior.

  1. Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is a condition likely to affect older adults. This illness results in obvious cognitive dysfunction in seniors. A patient of dementia will find it hard to remember things and you might have to ask a question repeatedly before you can get a proper answer. In short, when you begin to notice that your senior forgets things easily and frequently it could be a pointer to dementia and they need immediate assistance which can come through home care.
  2. You might need to arrange in-home care for seniors when it becomes noticeable that they can no longer keep up with their own personal hygiene. When seniors fail frequently to brush their teeth, care for their body, purchase necessaries from the grocery, then it might be high time you settled for home care. You don’t want your senior to look unkempt and uncared for. It is important that you understand that seniors are not willfully unhygienic. It is a form of behavioural change that happens to older adults.
  3. If you visit your senior and you notice that they have lots of bruises and scars on them, you may want to start considering how to hire an in-home carer. It could be that their vision is being impaired or they’re having problems with mobility. When you notice this development, you must be concerned about how to reduce their risk of having more falls which might worsen their condition.
  4. Seniors with mobility problems are at a higher risk of fall. It is not pretty to have an elder fall from time to time. It is even more dangerous because of the damage it can cause to the brain. Frequent falls may also fracture the hip or damage the bones. To avoid all these, you can decide to hire the service of a home carer to look after your older one.
  5. A senior recovering from a serious illness or who just had a successful surgery needs maximum care. One should not overburden the senior so as not to have them relapsed into another illness. They need help in keeping up with their drug schedule, hygiene, diet etc.


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